AVN.- The oral and public preliminary hearing for a merit trial against Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz, before the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ, Spanish acronym), will be held on 4 July, after precautionary measures filed by socialist deputy to the National Assembly, Pedro Carreño, were unanimously approved by the Plenary Chamber of the Supreme Court.
The hearing will be held at 10 am «in accordance with the provisions of articles 117 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Court of Justice and Decree 374 with rank, value and force of the Organic Code of Criminal Procedure,» says the country’s highest court in a press release.
To do this, the TSJ ordered to notify the Attorney General, as well as Deputy Pedro Carreño and the Ombudsman, Tarek William Saab, to appear at the hearing.
Furthermore, the Plenary Chamber of the TSJ banned Ortega Diaz from leaving the country, as well as freezed all bank accounts and assets, in order to ensure the proper criminal proceedings, according to the maximum court’s release.
Carreño accused Attorney General of allegedly committing serious faults in the exercise of her role, as the request filed by socialist deputy says.
For this request, he said he invoked Article 22 of the Organic Law on Citizen Power –which establishes the grounds for declaring merits for the prosecution of the authorities of the Republican Moral Council by the National Assembly, following a ruling by the TSJ, declaring that there is merit for their prosecution– and article 23 of the Organic Law of the Public Ministry, which sets out the serious offenses of the head of the Public Ministry.