AVN.- Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym) will begin a new phase of deep and democratic changes for the country.
During the National Meeting of Constituent Members held in Caracas, he pointed out that the construction of a new economic model, leaving behind the oil rentier model, and the creation of a new territorial peace plan to deal with the threats facing the country will be tasks of the ANC.
“We have to go to a Constituent Assembly to begin a new phase of deep, revolutionary, democratic changes, but true, democratic changes, starting from a root of love,” he said.
He emphasized that the ANC must be a process of accumulation of forces and ideas that will allow to channel all possible solutions arising from communities.
“Venezuela needs a big change, a new impulse. The right locked the game and wanted to lead the country to a civil war to justify a foreign intervention, the occupation of the country and the division of wealth,” he said.
Faced with this, he urged people to accumulate forces to continue to ensure that a war is not imposed on the reason of a people committed to dialogue and peace.
He also urged the creation of a peace leadership to curb the violence unleashed by opposition agents since last April, which has included the persecution and murder of people because of their political viewpoint.
“They are creating a monster. They are on time to stop the monster of violence and the monster of hate, but while you stop your own monster, here is the people of Venezuela for the National Constituent Assembly,” he told the opposition.
The president referred to last weekend attack of a Venezuelan woman who was confused with Marlene de Andrade, wife of television channel TVES’ president Winston Vallenilla. This aggression was made known through social networks.
“It’s enough, collect your hatred, collect your violence and start working, among all, in union, for a single country, for a single Venezuela, for the prosperity of all,” he reiterated.
He ratified that the revolutionary forces will not allow violence to be imposed. “The right has not wanted to talk, the right wants violence and destruction, the right has a leader today, they have said so and that is how they go around the world. Mr. Julio Borges, once again I appeal to you to demobilize armed groups, to cease violence despite his masters. I urge him to dialogue for the peace of Venezuela, I am ready to dialogue with all political sectors that want peace.”