AVN.- The National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish acronym), whose members will be elected next July 30, is the opportunity for unity and peace of the country, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro stressed Monday.
During a meeting with members of the Constituent Campaign Command ‘Zamora 200’, the socialist leader indicated that great strides have been made in this area.
“We are working for peace, for election, for freedom, for democracy. We are working for the union of the country and the National Constituent Assembly is the opportunity of union, it is the path for peace,” he said in a video posted to his official Twitter account.
The meeting was attended by the Executive Vice President, Tareck El Aissami, and the first lady, Cilia Flores, as well as Diosdado Cabello, Jorge Rodriguez, Hector Rodriguez, Erika Farias, Elias Jaua, Blanca Eekhout, among others.
The ANC aims to strengthen the Bolivarian Constitution and shield the social rights of the people.
To this end, it will consist of 545 representatives, of which 537 will be elected on July 30, including 364 territorial members and 173 sectoral members, with the following distribution: workers (79), peasants and fishermen (8), entrepreneurs (5), pensioners (28), persons with disabilities (5), students (24), and community councils (24).
The remaining eight will be members representing the indigenous peoples, to be elected through regional assemblies of the original communities, thus respecting the principles, traditions and customs of ancestral peoples.
The campaign for these elections kicks off on July 9 and ends on July 27.
President Maduro stressed that in order to finalize details, these meetings are held “to give support to all the candidates who hopefully registered and who will take the voice of the social sectors and all municipalities from the country”.
He also said that steps and timetable of the election campaign will be announced soon.