AVN.- The Bolivarian Revolution, which emerged in 1999 on the initiative of Commander Hugo Chavez, has as its main strategy to protect the people and defend their rights, said Sunday President Nicolas Maduro.
“The strategy is to protect the people with education, housing, culture, work, support and pensions, in order to lead them to overcome difficulties”, he stressed during his weekly TV show “Sundays with Maduro”.
He stated that the plan government, making human beings the center of Bolivarian Revolution’s concerns, contrasts sharply with the project presented by the opposition sectors, that is based on encouraging violence, coup and interventionism.
“The strategy is not to sacrifice people,” said President, pointing out that the Bolivarian Government has designed instruments such as the Homeland Card to optimize the operation of social policies in an equitable way. He noted that more than 14,5 million Venezuelans have registered.
Maduro recalled that in order to reach the goal of the Homeland Card, it was launched on June 11 the Somos Venezuela Movement, with 20 thousand volunteers going door-to-door finding the people’s needs. The visits are made using the information gathered in the system of the Homeland Card, he explained.
Furthermore, it is planned to include more volunteers in the tasks of the Movement, up to 200,000 brigade members to extend the coverage of the plan.
“The Homeland Card has to be for us a new school of revolution, of Christian solidarity. A new school to build a powerful Somos Venezuela Movement and that the Homeland Card serves to make the miracle of a society of individuals enjoying equal rights, society of happy men and women, the socialist society that our commander Chavez dreamed of,” he said.