AVN.- “Hate crimes, like lynchings, motivated by political reasons are dangerously on the rise with impunity in the country”, Venezuela’s ombudsman, Tarek William Saab denounced Sunday.
“Chasing with the intention of injuring or killing a human being because of his or her ideological viewpoint is revolting,” Saab wrote in his Twitter account. In addition, he posted videos showing how a group of people protesting in a Caracas’ shopping mall, displaying a hostile and violent attitude, tried to attack a lady who was in the place.
“What would have happened if the mob that chased this lady in the CCCT (Centro Comercial Comercial Tamanaco shopping mall) had managed to lynch her? Applauding this is execrable,” he repudiated.
According to comments on social networks, this lady was attacked for being confused with Marlene de Andrade, wife of television channel TVES’ president Winston Vallenilla.
“The justice system has in its hands the power to stop this despicable phenomenon that, if continued unabatedly with impunity, it would be the prologue of a civil war,” Saab warned.
Another video also posted by the Ombudsman shows the targeted woman explaining to another about her presence in the place and condemning the actions. “Today’s incident is very regrettable. We are struggling to change a country, where there is tolerance and all those who think differently can coexist but facts like these do much harm. The lady present here is a worker. She was simply doing her errands and did not deserve this aggression,” the woman said from what it looks like a bathroom of the shopping center.
Since last April, sectors of the opposition have called for multiple street actions that have resulted in violence. They have left more than 70 people dead, more than 1,300 injured and millions of damages to public and private property.