AVN.- Venezuela’s opposition sectors –allied with foreign agents and US imperialist forces– aimed to materialize on June 24 a coup against the Bolivarian government, said President Nicolas Maduro Sunday, stressing that it was defeated through the reaffirmation of the loyal, Bolivarian and revolutionary spirit of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB).
During his weekly TV show “Sundays with Maduro”, the president said these sectors had scheduled to launch a set of targeted actions this week.
He explained the strategy would begin with a siege plan against Venezuela within the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, Switzerland, and the meeting of foreign ministers and the subsequent General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS). However, right factors did not achieve the expected results in such meetings.
According to president, there had been plans to continue criminal activities and a massacre, including a “military drip” scheduled for this June 24, that is, a pronouncement of senior officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and, in parallel, criminal actions in the streets and in military spaces and barracks, meant to materialize the coup d’etat.
At this stage, a former government official, to whom Commander Hugo Chavez gave him his trust, was supposed to actively engage in the said plan. To that end, he held meetings with Maria Corina Machado, Freddy Guevara and Julio Borges, as well as with officials of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States.
“He gave his word, once the first event was held: OAS-UN, then the second event: dead and street violence, to start a military drip this week, that would end with a military nationwide uprising yesterday June 24. That’s why they called for marches, to go to the gates of the barracks.”
President Maduro stated that, rather than this conspiracy “yesterday, June 24, there was an act of revolutionary reaffirmation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, of Bolivarian and Chavista reaffirmation”, evidenced in the official acts to commemorate the Battle of Carabobo and the Day of the Bolivarian Army.
President regretted that this extremist sector tried to offer the life of Venezuelans to respond to the demands of external agents. “They thought, in their madness, that just in a few days the favor was made, and for this they needed a massacre and that is why they sought the highest level of violence.”
He also repudiated that this plan intended to use young Venezuelans, who, he said, are lured away by money and drugs, as it has been demonstrated in Altamira, Miranda state, where they continue to be the main focus of violence.
They are “attracted by drugs, money and have been sown much hate and have been placed and trained to attack, burn and kill. They are trained and had the order to lash out at the population and military bases since last Monday,” he said.
The massacre was part of the plan, so he regretted that two Venezuelans had fallen, a fact before which the President ordered the proper investigation and determine the responsibilities in both cases.
“I immediately ordered the investigation, ordered the arrest of those responsible for using firearms, and ordered their delivery to justice, for justice to do its work,” said the President, reiterating that “it is very painful and regrettable that, as a result of these violent groups, there are people losing their lives.”
“We will succeed so that more young people are never caught up in violence,” he said.