AVN.- Candidates for regional elections, scheduled for December 10 this year, must register their nominations from 8 to 12 August.
In that period, “all persons or organizations with political aims, groups of voters and even their own initiative must register their nominations on CNE’s site as has always and traditionally been done in the last 10 years,” said the president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, in a press conference held Thursday.
After the electronic registration, the candidates must present the required documents to formalize their registration between 4 and 8 September.
The electoral roll to be used for this election was set until July 15, 2017, while the electoral campaign will run from November 15 through December 7, Lucena said.
Three days later, the governors and members of the legislative councils of the 23 states of the country will be chosen.
5,500 hopefuls to the Constituent Assembly
Lucena also said that a total of 5,500 hopefuls handed over their papers to become candidates to join the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), whose elections will be held on July 30.
More than 4,300 people of this figure were nominated for the territorial area. Some 3,200 of them met the full requirements, while by the sectoral election, of the 3,800 applicants, about 2,300 delivered their documents. She stressed that this is a high average in terms of participation.
CNE’s director explained that civil servants who registered must resign from their posts before June 21, “once the acceptance and admission of these candidacies are published.”
After completing the process of evaluation of the requirements, a period that expires this Thursday, June 15, it will be for the National Electoral Board to declare admission or rejection of the applications.
Lucena also invited the people to access the website of the CNE to consult the polling center and the sectoral register in which they must vote.