AVN.- The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, said on Thursday that Bolivar’s homeland, to hold this year the 22nd election of the last 18 years, is a world champion nation in liberties, democracy and participation.
“We are world champions in liberties, democracy, participation, protagonism, and elections. World champions, nobody will take that away from us. No one else in the world comes close to Venezuela in the exercise of freedom and in the number of elections held in these, barely 18 years of this girl we called Bolivarian Revolution,” he said in an activity to recognize and value the outstanding work of officials of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), to maintain public order during violent protest carried out since April.
He recalled that a total of 20 elections have been held in the country in these 18 years, of which, the Revolution won in 18 opportunities, and “has immediately accepted and recognized two defeats”.
“In 18 years of Revolution we broke the world record. There have been more elections in 18 years of Revolution, than all the elections celebrated in Venezuela in the 20th century,” he said.
Two more elections will be held in 2017: “The 21st election: the Constituent Assembly, and the 22nd: governors,” which have already been convened by the National Electoral Council (CNE).
It is “a positive announcement for the democratic calendar of the country,” president said, repudiating the opinions of the Venezuelan opposition sectors that have rejected these two elections.
“What was the reaction of the opposition? Refuse to engage in the Constituent Assembly,” he said, noting that the proposal to the country by this opposition sector can not be violence.
Maduro said that this violent plan is orchestrated by US imperialism.
“Venezuela is the main target of US imperialism and we have a completely stateless, surrendering and submissive opposition like no political group before. No political leader in the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has subordinated itself to the interests, mandate and plans of imperialism,” he said.
Maduro said that in the 1980s, groups and political leaders who made alliances with the oligarchy did not do it as the Venezuelan opposition do nowadays.
“Imperialism set eyes on the awakening of strength, conscience and the Bolivarian project since February 4, 1992, where in this same room at noon we know the face, voice and thought of the giant founder of the Bolivarian Revolution, our Commander Hugo Chavez,” he said.