Merida Police Chief Douglas Acevedo Sanchez leaves behind three children.

Alexis Ramirez, governor of Venezuela’s Merida state, announced Tuesday the murder of one police officer and the injury of three other people at the hands of right-wing opposition protesters.

The protesters, according to Ramirez, fired several rounds during an afternoon opposition demonstration in the state’s Libertador municipality.
Merida Police Chief Douglas Acevedo Sanchez, 42, was shot in the neck and died at the nearby University Hospital of Los Andes hours after being injured. Another police officer, Roa Perozo, was shot in his left leg. Two 20-year-old college students at the scene, Eduardo Marquez and Luis Sanchez, were shot in the abdomen and chest respectively.
Perozo, Marquez and Sanchez are currently being treated for their injuries.
“We reject and repudiate these actions and demand justice before these terrorist acts,” Ramirez told VTV.
Ramirez leaves behind three children.

At least 82 people have died since opposition-led protests aimed at toppling the democratically-elected government began in early April.