AVN.- The new Complementary Floating Exchange Rate System (Dicom) awarded in its second auction 3.51% more foreign currency to legal entities compared to what was allocated in the first call.
The director of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV), Pedro Maldonado, said that in the first auction 776 companies received $ 19,979,902, while in the second one, $ 20,682,952 was awarded to 604 legal persons, an increase of $ 703 thousand (3.51%).
He also said that the allocation to natural persons also saw an increase of 218%, after climbing from $ 979,741 delivered to 3,054 people in the first auction, to a total of $ 3,118,245 to 8,354 citizens in this second sale.
In total, the second auction awarded $ 23,801,197, of which 87% went to legal firms and the remaining 13% went to natural persons.
Of the currencies awarded to companies, 26.88% was requested for the importation of finished products; 39.30% for raw materials; 24.65% for supplies and spare parts; 7.21% for hiring services for payment of debt and capital goods, and 1.94% for repatriation.
According to the list published by the BCV, this second process awarded foreign currency to companies such as Plumrose Venezuela, Leti Laboratories, Central Madeirense, Calox International, Acumuladores Duncan, Venezolana de Plasticos and Industrias del Maiz, among others.
The third auction of the Dicom will open this Thursday in the morning and close on Friday afternoon. The results will be announced next week.
The registration for bids is continuous from Monday through Saturday, from 8 am to 10 pm. Natural persons can request up to $ 500 quarterly, with a maximum of $ 2,000 a year, and legal ones up to $ 400,000 per month.