AVN.- Venezuela’s Vice President, Tareck El Aissami, stressed Thursday that the new Complementary Floating Exchange Rate System (Dicom) represents a new structural exchange rate policy that aims to re-boost the national economy.
“Venezuela already has a structural exchange rate policy to accelerate the Venezuelan productive economy,” he said, during his speech at the National Council of Productive Economy, in Caracas.
The vice president considered that it is an “impeccable” system, the result of several years of work.
He pointed out that 776 companies received this Thursday the dollars allocated to them in the first auction. In the case of natural persons, 2,626 out of the 3,054 who were awarded the currencies have the money already deposited in their accounts.
The first auction awarded a total of $ 24,102,981, of which 22,945,094 were allocated to 776 legal persons and $ 1,157,887 to 3,054 natural persons, at an exchange rate of 2,010 bolivars per dollar.
The list of all those who received currencies was published on the site www.dicom.gob.ve. The Venezuelan Dairy Industry, Makro Comercializadora, Mack of Venezuela, Pasteurizadora Tachira, Oster of Venezuela, Baratta Supermarket, Novi Textile Industry and Microbiology of Venezuela were among those favored.
“One of the axes of the exchange policy the Bolivarian Government has designed is the transparency and absolute control of every dollar being auctioned and going to the national productive sector. We have a reference price that will allow us to structure costs and price policy, because we know the distortion and economic war generated by sectors of the right, and with the Dicom we will fight that price mismatch,” said El Aissami.
He said that 35.60% of currencies requested by the companies will be used for the import of finished products; 35.60% for raw materials; 17.60% for supplies and spare parts; 7.70% for the hiring of services, for payment of debts, and 3.32% for capital goods.
“We are doing what is humanly possible so that every dollar or any currency reaches the entrepreneurs who want to work,” said the vice president.
He announced that a special session will be held on Wednesday, June 7, between the National Council of Productive Economy and the Dicom Auction Committee, in order to clarify the entrepreneurs’ concerns about, as well as to propose collective proposals to optimize the process.
El Aissami stressed that from Thursday until next Wednesday, June 7, authorities will validate the registration of companies of the 15 engines of the Bolivarian Economic Agenda within Dicom. “We invite all entrepreneurs without distinction to join the system,” he said.
Concerning the participation of the economic sector in the constituent process, convened last May 1 by the President Nicolas Maduro, he stressed there have been some nominations.
“It is an unprecedented fact that for the first time, in 200 years of republican history, the productive sector, the true national productive sector, has its representatives before the National Constituent Assembly,” he said.
On the other hand, the Productive Economy Council will hold Friday, June 9, specialized working meetings to review the progress of the agreements signed during the fairs Expo Venezuela Sovereign Production and Expo Venezuela Power, with the aim of contributing to the construction of a mixed economic model to break with the oil rentier model.
The vice president stressed that these meetings will address issues such as production, financing and importation of capital goods, spare parts and supplies.
He also announced that in mid-June a working session will be launched to materialize the agreements signed between the productive units and the Government, in order to strengthen and expand the structure of the Local Committees of Supply and Production (Clap). “We are going to visit company by company, that is committed to the national production. We will carry out Street Government sessions in the factories with our workers,” he said.
“At the end of this year, the balance sheets will be of an economy in full recovery,” he said.