Caracas, 01 Jun. AVN.- Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Delcy Rodriguez, stressed Wednesday that the moral voice of the countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) prevailed at the meeting of Foreign Ministers of the Organization of American States (OAS).
«The only consensus resulting from this meeting is that there is no consensus, because the moral voice and strict respect for the international norms of ALBA and Caricom groups prevailed over this interventionist group of disrespect to international law. It was a political battle that showed the struggle between two models: the hegemonic model and the model advocating respect for the sovereignty and independence of the countries,» diplomat said in a phone call aired in local television.
Earlier, the OAS meeting of foreign ministers to discuss the situation of Venezuela was suspended –at the request of the Caricom countries– after lack of consensus among the 34 delegations present at the meeting.
In this regard, Rodriguez said that in this meeting «there was a plan of intervention, and the group of countries, the G15 came with its letter of intervention and tutelage of Venezuela to seek a consensus,» that was defeated «by the dignified positions of Caricom and ALBA.»
She said this group of foreign ministers sought to stop the constitutional process, convened last May 1 by the National Executive, which aims to consolidate Venezuela’s peace and stability.
«They brought for today a recipe of intervention, responding to the interventionist wishes of Julio Borges and the violent opposition,» the foreign minister denounced.
«This interventionist group arrived with their lies reading Julio Borges’ wish list, who must feel deeply frustrated today … because the OAS did not support what they have been looking for and pretending. The wish lists of Almagro, Borges and the violent opposition, were defeated.»
On the other hand, Rodriguez informed that, on the orders of President Nicolas Maduro, Venezuela will attend the next OAS meeting to be held in Cancun, Mexico, from June 19 through 21.
«I have been instructed to personally attend, as Foreign Minister of Venezuela, the next General Assembly to be held in Cancun, Mexico, where we will arrive with the peoples of Central America, with the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean, to defend Venezuela,» she said.
«We will arrive there from the hands of the people, as it should be, to defend Venezuela. Today, it has been a great failure for this great interventionist group. We will arrive in Cancun to defend the legitimate rights of Venezuela,» added the minister.
She said that at this meeting, she will ratify Venezuela’s willingness to withdraw from the international body –a process that began 28 April and lasts 24 months– from where a plan of attack and violation of the sovereignty and independence has been formulated against the Bolivarian homeland.