MUD contradicts itself in arguments to justify armed sedition

AVN.- Since early April, the opposition coalition MUD has called for street actions that have resulted in armed sedition against the nation, through armed groups trained and financed by radical sectors of the right-wing coalition, whose arguments to justify their actions have mutated, to the point of contradicting themselves, during 55 days of riots.
At the beginning, these street actions were justified by the opposition coalition under the alleged demand for the definition of a date for regional elections, pending since December 2016, and that were delayed by the request for a recall referendum by the National Electoral Council (CNE), initiated by the same opposition leadership during that year.
However, given the announcement of the date for the regional elections last Tuesday by the Electoral Power, which set the elections for December 10, the MUD rejected the elections date and continues promoting its riots agenda.
Freddy Guevara, deputy of Voluntad Popular (or People’s Will), proposed to ignore the authority of the Electoral Power and called a referendum to consult the National Constituent Assembly (ANC, Spanish government), an instance whose activation does not require a referendum, in accordance with the 1999 Constitution.
A similar position was expressed by Julio Borges, a lawmaker elected president of the National Assembly, while this legislative branch is in contempt, who dismissed the call and called to maintain the street agenda. “We will not fall into the trap of the regional elections,” he told private media.
With this position, the opposition leadership forgets the first argument they used to call for demonstrations: the issuance of sentences 155 and 156 of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, in which the judicial body took over the tasks of the National Assembly held in contempt, annulled by decision of its own directive.
In response to this legal action, the General Prosecutor, Luisa Ortega Diaz, expressed her disagreement, so that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called an emergency meeting of the Defense Council of the Nation to solve the differences between the public powers, which resulted in the correction of the judgments of the Supreme Court. However, MUD insisted on the actions of political violence motivated by these sentences.
With the change of arguments, sectors of the opposition insist on promoting armed sedition, which the media discourse of the right disguises as “peaceful protests” and whose fundamental aim is to break the rule of law, break the constitutional order and cause a violent and early interruption of the Constitutional Government.


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