Cuba Affirms Support for Ecuador’s Citizen’s Revolution

Revolutionary Cuba’s Vice President acknowledged the “friendship and brotherhood” between the nations after the swearing in of President Moreno.
Cuba’s Vice President, Miguel Diaz-Canel, confirmed the revolutionary communist nation’s support for Ecuador’s Citizen’s Revolution following his official visit to Ecuador for the presidential inauguration of Ecuadorean President Lenin Moreno.

“We felt a lot of support and admiration by the Ecuadorian people and their leaders for our nation…. There is an intense friendship and brotherhood between our two governments and peoples,” Diaz-Canel told Prensa Latina.
“We have been able to be a part of a historic moment of the Ecuadorian people at a time of continuity of the Citizen’s Revolution, as a new government ratifies the suitable programs for a better quality of life and comprehensive development of society,” he continued.
During the official visit of the Cuban delegation, which included the Vice President Diaz-Canel, and the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Teresita Gonzalez, they had the opportunity to meet and speak with the leaders of President Moreno’s newly appointed cabinet, as well as with the new Ecuadorean Vice President Jorge Glas.
In speaking of Cuba and Ecuador’s “friendship and brotherhood,” he acknowledged the collaboration between the nations in healthcare. In 2014 an agreement with former Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa brought 200 Cuban doctors to Ecuador to help build and improve healthcare structures, particularly in areas of difficult access such as the Amazon.
Along with Venezuela under the late President Hugo Chavez, Cuba was one of the founding states of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), an organization for trade and cooperation among progressive Latin American governments. Ecuador became a member of ALBA in 2009 under President Correa, further strengthening ties with revolutionary Cuba.
Since 2007, Correa and Moreno’s Alianza Pais party has presided over Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution, a mass movement that has empowered workers, Afro-Ecuadoreans, Indigenous groups and the LGBTI community, for which numerous world leaders have expressed support and admiration.


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