Violent opposition protests in the country have taken the life of almost 60 people since they started moe than 51 days ago.

The spokesperson of far-right party Voluntad Popular was arrested Monday on allegations of organizing and funding violent groups in the capital, reported Venezuela’s Vice President Tareck El Aissami.

Jorge Machado Jimenez was accused of leading the hot spots, in charge of recruiting people and organizing actions, said El Aissami. Jimenez is also suspected of being responsible for money laundering in order to fund the actions in Caracas.
Earlier Monday morning, the police arrested 16 people in Los Altos Mirandinos at a site that authorities identified as an “armed cell” that was “besieging the communities living in the area.”
In another site that is suspected of providing logistical support, three people were arrested, while material estimated at about US$250,000, including detonators and chemicals for arson, a shotgun, and 20,000 notes of different currencies, were seized.
Two other suspects were arrested and accused of setting fire to 53 buses belonging to the TransBolivar company in the state of Bolivar.