Maduro warns of Nazi-fascist movement within national far right

Caracas, 22 May. AVN.- Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro warned Sunday there is a Nazi-fascist movement within the Venezuelan far right, as opposition’s calls for protests have evidenced in recent days.
He rejected the terrorist and fascist actions carried out by violent groups encouraged by the right, trying to take political power of the country according to the interests of its imperial allies.
This is why –he said– the violent plan launched since the first days of April, which has resulted in more than 50 people dead and more than 900 injured, in addition to damages to public and private property running into millions.
Violent and fascist actions have mainly been held in Chacao municipality, Miranda state, where local authorities stand idly by in this situation, denounced Maduro.
“In Chacao, they have nested a group of criminals who, under drug effects and motivated by hatred, contempt for life have wreaked havoc for several weeks … They have killed young Venezuelans from their own ranks, with home-made weapons. They have killed their own people and created a range of lethal weapons under the protection of leaders of the right, ” he said.
“In Venezuela we are facing a serious aggression, a serious fascist threat. A Nazi-fascist political movement has emerged in Venezuela, whose ideology is based on contempt, persecution, hatred for ideological, political, racial, social reasons,” Maduro warned showing protests photos portraying this situation in state TV.
So he asked the national and international media to spread the truth for the peace of Venezuela and to raise awareness and humanistic values.
“In Venezuela a counterrevolution has emerged that has resulted in a Nazi-fascist movement, and has infected the feelings and thoughts of thousands of compatriots, who believe they have the right to persecute other compatriots for the simple crime of being Venezuelan or chavista or revolutionary … Can you call that democracy? How do you call that? That is terrorism,” he said.
“Venezuela must be aware. We are facing an aggression of violent forces, which have taken the path of hatred, intolerance, and widespread destruction. The whole country must be aware that behind this is the imperial hand of the Government of Donald Trump, who has his hands infected and deeply involved in this conspiracy, in this aggression that aims to take control of political power of Venezuela, to re-colonize Venezuela,” President stressed.
Siege against schools, transporters and hospitals
The Head of State said that because of a thirst for power, rioters can not be allowed to enter a phase “where they have lost all limits, all control over the violence they have generated”, such as the siege of hospitals, attacks on libraries, schools, public transportation units, threatening the lives of thousands of Venezuelans.
The maximum expression of this fascism happened this Saturday, said the President, in relation to the incident during an opposition protest in Altamira, Chacao municipality, where extremist rioters poured gasoline over a young man, Orlando Figueroa Zaragoza, 21, and set him on fire, besides causing him puncture wounds.
After being set ablaze, the young man was persecuted and beaten, which caused him multiple injuries and burns in almost 100% of his body. He is currently hospitalized at the Domingo Luciani Hospital in Miranda state. “We have to raise awareness about a fascist movement that, through hatred, generates violence, destruction and self-destruction,” he said.
Given these facts, he stated that justice will be imposed and, with it, peace and love, so he called on Public Prosecutor’s office, the Ombudsman’s office and the Supreme Court “to unite efforts for justice and all institutions of the country must condemn violence, intolerance, persecution for ideological, racial, political, religious, cultural reasons,” he said.
“I ask the Venezuelan Public Prosecutor, the Public Defender, the Judiciary, the Venezuelan media and all people to condemn with one voice the crimes of hatred that lead this political movement to fascism.”
Likewise, President urged the opposition coalition MUD to distance itself from these violent actions and join the national dialogue for tolerance and respect. “We set up a peace dialogue table with the democratic movements of the opposition.”



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