Constitutionalizing socialist missions would consecrate the revolutionary protection of people

AVN.- Constitutionalization of social missions, one of the purposes of the National Constituent Assembly, represents a great opportunity to enshrine in the Magna Carta the democratization and access to social protection the Bolivarian Revolution has given to the Venezuelan people, said the president of Fundacion Mision Sucre, Libertad Velasco on Friday.
“We celebrate the opportunity to constitutionalize social missions because they are an exemplary miracle of how to socialize wealth, to overcome the contradictions between what laws represent as Human Rights and what people receive every day,” said Velasco in an interview with state media this Friday.
She said that for this purpose, it is necessary to also constitutionalize the ideas of Commander Hugo Chavez, creator of the missions as a policy of love for the people. “It means praising President Chavez who made unique works for the history of Venezuela and that must be complied with, by ensuring rights for youth,” she said.
At the Sucre Mission –a policy for the achievement of university education– Velasco reaffirmed that its more than 200,000 members, among students and workers, have high expectations of participating in the constituent debates, convened by President Nicolas Maduro, “who invites us for big things for peace even if there are sectors of the right with their backs turned to this process.”
She considered that university authorities and the think-tanks can not reject this process and not use the institutions to catch terrorists among the youth. “This is against the very nature of being a university. The real people who build is the one invited to participate for peace and justice,” she said.
Velasco called upon citizens’ good heart to call them to the reunion with their identity and their positive values. “Peace is a form of healthy social coexistence and that is what we want for Venezuela, through formulas of protagonist political participation to positively transform the lives of people.”


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