Caracas, 19 May. AVN.- Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed Wednesday that the new Constituent process, with the engagement of all sectors of the country, especially the working class, will consolidate peace in Venezuela.
«In this constituent path, (it is necessary) the power of the working class that gives a new force, a reimpulse, marks the revival of Bolivarianism in the national constituent process, an inevitable process, necessary, the only way to the peace of Venezuela,» he said in remarks to state media.
The President stressed that, through the Constituent process, the people will defeat the violence unleashed by terrorist groups responding to the call of a sector of the extreme right, as part of a coup plot.
«It is the fascist onslaught of these terrorists, … of these losers of hatred,» said the president, condemning the new interventionist attempt by the United States government, which convened a meeting on Wednesday of the Security Council of the United Nations to deal with Venezuela’s internal affairs.
«We defeated the American empire, they were left alone thanks to the morality, the truth of Venezuela, the Venezuela’s truth won,» he said.