Caracas, 15 May. AVN.- 83% of Venezuelans consider it necessary for Venezuelan opposition sectors to renew their leadership and ranks within their political organizations, according to the results of the most recent polls conducted by Hinterlaces firm from April 17 to May 3 2017.
The survey, which was released on Sunday by journalist and political analyst Jose Vicente Rangel, at a local private station, carried out 1,580 direct interviews nationwide on good and bad things Venezuelans think over the Venezuelan opposition.
70% of Venezuelans said the opposition is very divided and only 27% said they disagree. Likewise, 60% stated they agree that the opposition does not have a strong leader who currently represents it, while 30% said they disagree and 1% did not answer the question.
Regarding the question ‘Do you agree or disagree with those who say the opposition only talks about getting President Maduro out of power but they still do not have a plan to solve the country’s economic problems?’ 62% said they agreed, 27% said they disagreed and 2% said they did not know or did not answer.
In other set of questions, 59% of the respondents expressed their agreement with those who say that the opposition is not thinking about Venezuela’s welfare, but to take presidential power, only 38% said they disagree.
The study also found that 67% of respondents consider that the opposition is still led by the same leaders of the neoliberal governments of the Fourth Republic, while 76% of Venezuelans agree that the Venezuelan opposition should help President Nicolas Maduro in solving problems of the country.
When asked whether they agree or disagree that if the opposition does eventually take over, the country’s economic problems will be solved, 58% of those interviewed said they disagree and only 37% agree.

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