Caracas, 09 May. AVN.- Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro regretted Monday that high-ranking church officials of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference and parties of the opposition coalition MUD declined to participate in the dialogue and debate of the new constituent process.
In statements to state media, he thanked the various religious leaders, priests, pastors, muslims and members of the Federation of Ancestral Religious people, as well as the 18 opposition parties that attended the meeting convened last week by the Presidential Commission for the Constituent Assembly, with the aim of discussing this process.
«I thank all the sectors that have come to the wide call, those who did not want to come to talk is because they did not want to, it is perplexing that they were officially invited to dialogue, to exchange ideas and then say: we do not want to dialogue, that was what the Episcopal Conference of the Catholic Church said.»
He also regretted that members of the MUD rejected to talk and keep on calling to continue street actions resulting in the activation of clashes and violent acts aimed at attacking and destroying public and private properties, as part of a coup plot.
So the President reaffirmed his commitment to dialogue with all sectors, especially about the constituent process, to strengthen peace in the country and develop the new economic and social reorganization lines of the nation.
The Constituent Assembly is «the immense door that we are opening to attend all the affairs of our country to renew the constituent force of 1999, to expand it, to improve everything that has to be improved, to change everything that has to be changed, to make the revolution within the revolution in a new stage of greater maturity, of the economic, spiritual, moral, social life,» he stressed.

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