AVN.- 80% of Venezuelans disagree with the current violent demonstrations and the so-called guarimbas (violent riots) promoted by some radical opposition groups as an instrument of protest, while 19% support them, revealed a survey conducted by polling firm Hinterlaces, presented by journalist and political analyst Jose Vicente Rangel at a local private station.
The poll, conducted through 1,580 interviews nationwide between April 17 and May 3, also indicates that most Venezuelans reject the actions of right-wing leaders promoting violent riots, said Rangel during his Sunday analysis TV show.
61% agree that those responsible and promoters of violent demonstrations are arrested and prosecuted by the judiciary, while 36% disagree, and 3% do not know or do not answer.
Based on the current political situation in the country, 59% of respondents have less confidence in the leadership of the Venezuelan opposition, 32% have more confidence, and 9% do not know or did not respond.
Also, 66% approve holding of presidential elections in 2018, as established in the Constitution, compared to 33% who support the proposal of some right-wing leaders demanding the immediate resignation of President Nicolas Maduro.
Regarding talks between the government and the opposition in the current context, 63% considered it «very important», while 22% believe that it is «nothing important», 9% consider it «important» and 5 %, «less important».
Rangel said the climate of political tension created by the call for street violence by the opposition radical sectors has spurred strong criticism within the right-wing opposition coalition MUD that reject these actions as a way of doing politics.
«A worse effect, which produces very severe critical reactions, occurs in independent sectors of the country, made up of entrepreneurs, producers and traders, who reject violence and who are victims of actions happening each time the opposition calls for a demonstration,» he said.

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