AVN.- Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro ratified Sunday his willingness to dialogue with all sectors, to preserve the peace and tranquility of the country.
In a televised address at the Miraflores presidential palace, he said that «dialogue is the way through which we can build a common discussion, common interests and is the only civilized way known to humanity, dialogue to achieve peace.»
He rejected the violent path taken by some opposition sectors in order to create a climate of ungovernability that seeks to foment foreign intervention against the country.
In this regard, he gave as an example imperialist interventions to countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. «That will never happen, because we will not allow it as we never did it before. Venezuela will not be an intervened, monitored, mentored country, Venezuela will continue its course of an autonomous, independent, sovereign country and its own path of peace with our own model.»
He stressed that it is necessary to engage in dialogue with all sectors and to achieve common ground that will allow Venezuela to lay its foundations and consolidate the country’s power.
He also urged these sectors to give up violence because the only thing it entails is the destruction of Venezuela. «I reaffirm my will for a sincere dialogue without conditions and let’s continue talks that have begun on different issues of the country.»
The process of dialogue promoted by the Bolivarian Government, with the engagement of the opposition, began in 2016. It is accompanied by former presidents Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (Spain), Leonel Fernandez (Dominican Republic) and Martin Torrijos (Panama), the Nuncio Apostolic and the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

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