AVN.- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Sunday that state security agencies are carrying out investigations that have provided sufficient evidence linking the opposition leadership to vandalism and violence unleashed to create chaos and destabilization.
In a televised address, he showed a part of one of the videos presented as evidence of the violent events that took place in Caracas during Easter week.
The video shows one of the arrested young men –who led terrorist acts in Caracas’ Chacao municipality– confessing to the authorities that he was hired by leaders of the right-wing party Primero Justicia (or Justice First) «to march and then generate violence and vandalism in the city,» he said.
President Maduro said this young man, who was paid 300,000 bolivares by Primero Justicia leaders, was hired to direct violent acts to siege the administrative headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ, Spanish acronym) in Chacao, which was destroyed Last Saturday, April 8.
«I have part of his confession, I have been authorized by the Citizen Power and the Judicial Branch, to present a part of this video. This person (who confesses in the video) was the one who led the irresponsible attack to burn the headquarters of the Executive office of the Judiciary, where Venezuelans were working, » he explained.
In another video presented by the President to the country, one of the young men belonging to the criminal gangs, confesses to having received financing and lines of action from Primero Justicia deputy, Tomas Guanipa.
In this material, the young man informed he is part of the payroll of Caracas Metropolitan Mayor’s Office –run by the right– and receives a salary without working, in exchange for his willingness to lead the shock groups commanded by these opposition leaders.
In addition, the young man said that during the rallies called by the opposition in recent days, «the instructions (of the leaders of Primero Justicia) were to ignite Caracas.»
In this regard, President Maduro said the competent agencies are conducting parallel investigations focused on each of the cases of violence and vandalism that took place in some sectors of the country, in order to find those responsible for these incidents. He added these actions have caused the Venezuelan state a loss of 50,000 million bolivars for damages.
«There are the testimonies, the evidence, and we are about to find those directly responsible to promote these damages throughout the country. There are several lines of research. I would like to congratulate the officials of the CICPC (Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations), the Sebin (Bolivarian National Intelligence Service), the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace, the Public Ministry, the Judiciary, for this meticulous work attached to our laws,» he said.

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