AVN.- «This year we are entering a new economic, productive and diversified economic history,» said Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro.
During a meeting of the Congress of the Homeland, chapter Urban Agriculture, in Miranda state, Maduro said that an example of this is that all rice seeds for national production are guaranteed for Venezuela’s self-supply this 2017.
He added that similar steps should be taken in the future concerning other products. «We are working on that: sowing, building a new economic historical era.»
Maduro said that work in large Venezuelan fields must be complemented by small-scale sowing: urban agriculture, where the active participation of men and women living in and around the cities is essential.
He further said urban agriculture is «a socialist option to humanize the life of large cities and modern societies. It is a central element, the backbone for a new economy, for a new ethic, for a new society in large cities,» he said.

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