AVN.- The Venezuelan Episcopal Conference (CEV, Spanish acronym) enlists their support for coup plan promoted by the national and international right, which aims to ignore the country’s constitutional order to pave the way for foreign intervention.
On this occasion, they insist on the alleged dissolution of Parliament by the Judiciary, which has no power for such action, to feed the thesis of a false rupture of the constitutional order.
The CEV, through a statement –rejected by organizations such as the Venezuelan Catholic Movement–, also calls for not remaining “passive, cowed or hopeless” and evaluate the validity of actions such as civil disobedience or “civic protest”, a speech promoted by the right to take to the streets in this new stage of its putschist agenda.
This plan also has the support of private national and international media, which give extensive coverage to figures of the so-called opposition coalition MUD, and pro-intervention factors that operate from bodies as the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Common Market of the South (Mercosur).
The behavior of the ecclesiastical leadership is similar to that of 2002, when it endorsed the FEDECAMARAS-CTV collusion for the consummation of the coup d’etat in April of that year.

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