The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, said on Tuesday that the Great Mission Sovereign and Safe Supply, created in mid-July this year, has articulated, supervised and controlled a total of 791 businesses across the country.
In his program “En Contacto con Maduro” (In Contact with Maduro), broadcast by Venezolana de Television from the San Agustín Parish in Caracas; the Head of State said that the working class of these companies participated on Tuesday in a workshop to prepare their workers for new actions to be taken in the second phase.
“What is the purpose of this workshop? For in each business that is articulated, occupied and supervised by the mission, can be born a core of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply. There cannot be a single production unit, of these that have been integrated into the three engines, which does not have a core. ”
In this regard, he announced that for next August 30 is expected the implementation of a national workshop, made up by workers of these businesses, in order to incorporate it into the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.