The Head of State, Nicolas Maduro, said on Tuesday that he will continue the legacy of Commander Chavez, by not allowing organizations such as Mercosur, UNASUR, CELAC, Petrocaribe among others, to be subject to the wishes of the international right wing and thus not ensure the continuity of the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean with the world.
“Venezuela is articulated to the new emerging powers, the new multipolar world which already exists and which cannot be covered in any way, Venezuela follows the road to development, we are an anti-imperialist country and that is why we are admired in the world, for alerting on the failures of imperial policies”, he added.
He stressed that he has received many messages, which confirm the importance of Venezuela to the world, despite any international onslaught.
“Many countries want to share in the commercial background in local currency exchange, to create equivalences between nations.”
The Venezuelan President pointed out that they “remain in the big leagues playing for the New World”, which remained firm to the fact that will continue in the presidency of Mercosur, as well as they have held other international spaces.
“In this moment, Venezuela occupies in the United Nations system the first three most important positions elected by the vote of the Governments and peoples of the world,” he added.
He explained that Venezuela as a free and independent nation chairs the Security Council of the United Nations, UN, elected by 182 countries of the 196 that make up the UN, “We were also re-elected to chair the Human Rights Council of the UN, the most important instance of human rights in the world, with 170 votes, and just recently we also were elected, with 170 votes, for the Council of Economic and Social Development of the United Nations system, being the first time a country occupies the three seats”.
He noted that due to the international recognition that keeps the Bolivarian homeland, it has been obvious the harassment by the imperialism and the right wing subject to the United States has failed its mission of putting bad the nation against other countries.
“A sad role that they have had to play, and have been defeated in their attempts to make a global damage to Venezuela”.
Currently Venezuela also chairs the Union of South American Nations, Unasur, an organization created in 2007, “And we are exercising the presidency to strengthen Unasur, despite having a different South America”.
He explained that they direct Unasur with balance, despite the coups given to brotherly countries, such as Brazil and Argentina, with the new mandate of the rightist Mauricio Macri.
“We learned to practice tolerance and balance in South America, but the extreme right wing has upset the balance of coexistence that South America had built, and it does so for being a force kneeling to the empire.”
President Maduro ruled that Venezuela will remain standing before any struggle for Latin America and the complete and firm union of each of its nations.
Regarding Mercosur, he expressed that they remain exerting its presidency “In a dignified, balanced and joust” manner.
For the month of September is expected that the homeland of Bolívar will welcome the presidency of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, NAM.