Ernesto Villegas, a member of the National Directorate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), said this Wednesday, August 17, that in the country there is no humanitarian crisis as suggested by the right wing, but a crisis of humanity promoted by those interested in ending the Bolivarian Revolution.
“There is a crisis of humanism, of sensitivity. You don’t mess with the food of the people. All of those who harm the country are betting on a social explosion, but the people have resisted and the vaccine has been the awareness that Chavez planted in the people”, said Villegas from Plaza Sucre in Catia (neighborhood in western Caracas), where the people had mobilized in support of the policies of the Venezuelan Government with the Great Mission Sovereign Supply.
He also stated that the social base of Chavismo may perhaps be upset by the circumstances that they have made them suffer, but they will never join the right wing nor the side of those who have always made fun of the people and who enjoy with the pain they have made them suffer. “