Nicolas Maduro, President of the Republic, during the broadcast of the “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact With Maduro) program number 64, stressed the need for the revolutionary forces to assume with commitment, the three lines of action of the socioeconomic offensive, in order to continue the impulse of the productive apparatus of the country and thus defeat the unconventional warfare perpetrated by right-wing sectors.
“I urge for the debate, of the national directions, of the revolutionary forces (…) to assume the three lines. Let’s assume these three lines which are an index to prepare the conditions with the greatest situation of force, for in Venezuela to triumph peace and for us to have months of work, happiness, joy, enjoyment”.
From Miraflores Palace, the Head of State explained that the Bolivarian Government is deployed to start next September 1 the programs to boost the savings of Venezuelans through the three lines of action, which consists of creating mechanisms for the maximum protection of the people, the strengthening of the Great Mission Sovereign Supply and the strengthening of the popular political consciousness of the Venezuelans and its organization.
President Maduro explained that it is necessary to act in order to strengthen the lines of production, organization and distribution of the Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP), in order to meet the needs of the Venezuelan people.
“We have policies, action, result, now we have to go forcing the conditions until getting to a blossoming of a new economy”.
He said that the Bolivarian Government cannot be blind to the needs of the people and the destabilizing acts by the right wing. “The oligarchy has no ethical capacity, morals, a project to take the leadership, and what they do is a war of attrition”, he denounced.