The President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro, announced that Venezuela is already making the respective arrangements to start selling fuel by state-owned PDVSA on the Colombian side.
“We are ready now, through Colombian companies, to sell Venezuelan fuel at the Colombian side, we are ready and we could already start to go working in all this terrible issue of smuggling,” he said in his program “Contacto con Maduro” (Contact with Maduro) on its issue nº 64.
The Head of State said that only in the border state of Tachira, gasoline consumption has reached 40%, a situation that normally would not get over 8% due to the number of vehicles, and therefore Venezuela and Colombia must work together to combat smuggling.
“Gasoline consumption in Táchira state, has come to represent a 40% of national consumption of the product, and in normal conditions it would not get over 8% (…) and why a 40%?, simply because fuel smuggling is big business in this area”, said the Head of State.
Pedestrian Crossing:
“On Saturday started, and I’s say it went out well, on Sunday it improved, on Monday it already began to be a fluid pedestrian crossing with the necessary influx, and already today Tuesday we can say that the opening of border crossings has been a complete success, from the Orinoco meeting we had with President Juan Manuel Santos, we have to perfect things, the idea of a border card, it appears that at the Colombian side they started doing so a little quickier, well, we must coordinate, understand each other, solve, advance”, he detailed.
In addition, the Head of State qualified as very positive the results obtained well after the border reopened, and said that is advancing towards “a frontier of peace”.
“This year should be the year of consolidation of the peace agreements in Colombia, in Venezuela and in South America, of the start of the construction of the perpetual peace that spoke the Liberator, Simon Bolivar,” said the President.
As it might be recalled, the Presidents of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, and of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, agreed last August 11 to reopen the border’s pedestrian crossing, according to Maduro that meeting was successful.