Por: José Roberto Duque

Chapter “Agitation and steering the rage of the people.”

If one did not have a degree in that what we spent all our frigging youth on, we would be really very surprised of the “tactics” used by preppies or posh people (the so-called “sifrinos”) or to put it more clearly: the rich and their bootlickers are not going to teach us how to plot, in that respect we were miles ahead of them in the last century and we can continue giving classes about it, supported by a generation of young chavistas with a very good knowledge of the history of struggles of the people.

Apparently, among us there are those who need a key or call to understanding the core of the venezuelan conflict (which is not indigenous but global) at the present state of matters.
Here are some clues :

1. Yes, the people are upset.

2. Yes, the people are about to plunder the merchants who rob them by charging ridiculously high prices or who hide food. The people are about to take food and other products by force, from corporate mafias in partnership with police mafias.

3. No, it is not true that the people plan to go to Miraflores to overthrow Nicolás. The pro-business preppies are up to try to make it look as if people are on the street with the intention of topple the government. They try to capitalize the rage of the people, to turn it into a vehicle to attempt an overthrow or extreme street destabilization to put pressure on the government.

4. No, it is not true that the greatest desire of our people is to remove the President and put in place   suckers like Capriles, Machado, López or Guevara.

5. It isuntrue that the chavista people do not exist or that they stay at home. When the preppies, their media and their star tweeters speak of the “collectives”, you must know that know they want to sell it as a monster created by the government, and it is fact the chavista people at their highest level of street organization and task force.

6. If “collectives” are able to stop mass demonstrations, manipulated or not; it is good news for the chavismo: this is how well organized we are.

7. If  pro-business parties are able to divert the energy of the people from its current target that are the mafias of merchants who take away their livelihood, and turn them to Miraflores (which is not the desire of the people but of a handful of entrepreneurs, encouraged and funded from the north) it would be bad news: if the people were to mobilize in favor of employers that humiliate and impoverish them, we would be witnessing an aberration in our history. Let us then push, everyone to their side. Are you having doubts about which side you belong to? Please check your origins, or the side that resonates the most with your social and political awareness and your understanding of history.