The Conservative MP is slated to be the next British Prime Minister after her rival for the top job dropped out of the race.

Conservative lawmaker Theresa May is set to replace David Cameron as British Prime Minister after her rival for the job, Andrea Leadsom, dropped out of her party’s leadership challenge on Monday morning. That means May now stands uncontested in her bid to lead the Tories and lead Britian out of the European Union.
Leadsom announced at a press conference Monday that she was dropping out of the race to lead the Conservatives, noting an insurmountable lead for May, who is currently serving as Home Secretary.
Cameron announced he was planning to step down as Britian’s prime minster after a narrow majority of voters elected to leave the EU in a referendum last month, triggering a whirlwind leadership challenge in his Conservative party.
Before she can assume Cameron’s position, May needs to seek the consent of Britain’s unelected head of state, Queen Elizabeth. May could become prime minister in a matter of days. Once in office, she has pledged to quickly move ahead with the results of the referendum on EU members.
«Brexit means Brexit,» she has said, «and we’re going to make the best of it.»
The development comes amid another leadership fight in the Labour party, with MP Andrea Eagle on Monday formally announcing a challenge to currenty opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.